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SIN (Original.1998.Game)

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Set in the near future of the year 2037, Col. John Blade, the commander of one of the largest security forces in the city of Freeport, known as HardCorps, discovers a plan within SiNtek, a large multi-national biotechnology firm owned by the beautiful and charismatic Elexis Sinclaire. All of a sudden some type of drug plagues the city streets and a bank heist occurs and is led by the known powerful crime lord, Mancini. While John Blade thinks that the 2 crimes are linked together, his trustworthy, useful accomplice and co-worker JC, expert hacker at HardCorps begins to unfold some of the mystery by hacking into the SiNtek database, discovering that not only did the crimes link to together, but SiNtek is also producing a Bio-Chemical monsters.

Game Details:
Title: SiN
Genre: First Person Shooter/Action
Rating: Mature (A few adult scenes/crude and excessive language)
Platform(s): PC
Release Date: Oct 31, 1998

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium II 166 or equivalent
RAM: 32 MB
Video Memory: 2 MB
Hard Drive Space: 50 MB

Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium III 500 or equivalent
RAM: 64 MB
Video Memory: 8 MB
Hard Drive Space: 50 MB