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All Pokemon Games Pack

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All Pokemon Games Pack!!!

All types of Pokemon Games including their Emulators in only 1 package!!!

A whole package of 26 Pokemon Games including all Emulators that required to their activation!!!

GameBoyAdvance Games, NIntendo DS Games, NIntendo 64 Games and even some Fake Games (For example that the started pokemon will be Dragonite and so on...)

The package is also including the all new and popular pokemon games like:
Podkemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Stadium 1+2, Pokemon Emerald....

What's the package included:

1. VisualBoyAdvance
2. Project 64
3. Nintendo DS

VisualBoyAdvance Games:
1. Pokemon Emerald
2. Pokemon FireRed
3. Pokemon LeafGreen
4. Pokemon Ruby
5. Pokemon Sapphire
6. Pokemon Crystal
7. Pokemon Silver
8. Pokemon Gold
9. Pokemon red
10. Pokemon blue
11. Pokemon green
12. Pokemon yellow
13. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team

Fake Games:
1. raichu
2. pokemondragon
3. goto-aindigo
4. smootayele
5. Pokemon Silver- This is in a different language so if you want just delete it... OK.

Nintendo DS Games:
1. Pokemon Diamond
2. Pokemon Pearl
3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team
4. Pokemon Ranger
5. Pokemon Dash

Nintendo 64 Games:
1. pokemon stadium
2. pokemon stadium 2
3. pokemon snap

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