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You'll need something between your ears... to handle what's between your legs! In this game, winners become heroes. Losers become speed bumps. Every track, every rider, and every team on the Grand Prix circuit is here, and waiting for your challenge.

You'll be wrestling with your 500cc racing machine on every curve against 23 other riders in waves of competition. GP500 combines frighteningly realistic models with authentic rider AI. So you better grab your helmet because one mistake could turn you into hamburger.

The GP500 demo lets you race on the Muguello track. The Practice time is 6 minutes for the 3 laps, and the Qualify time is 12 minutes for the 5 laps. You can choose from any of the six main race team bikes. You can save your single race or replay. The maximum number of computer-controlled riders is eight. In multiplayer, the maximum number of human players is four (and the max number of AI riders is four).

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