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Warlords Battlecry III

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Warlords Battlecry III further expands the Battlecry tradition of featuring persistent RPG-like fantasy heroes with its retinue of loyal followers fighting massive battles in the Warlords' world of Etheria. It is a true sequel to Warlords Battlecry I & II, featuring many familiar races and troop-types, while also adding some new ones into the mix! Warlords Battlecry III continues to perfect its automated feature system, greatly reducing gameplay micromanagement and quickly proving to be the holy grail of RTS games among gamers of the genre. While being a strong RTS outright, there are also numerous activities for players to engage in between battles, such as obtaining titles and awards, trading and purchasing items & retinue members, and even an upgradeable castle to reflect your importance and influence in the world of Etheria. Extra features included in Warlords Battlecry III are specifically geared to please the legions of previous Battlecry players, including the removal of hero and unit caps, the addition of new special abilities for high-level heroes and the creation of an intuitive hero system.

Join the people of Etheria in search of new lands to conquer, or fight off the invaders with the Ssrathi
16 races, 28 classes of heroes with a new hero development system
6 new types of dragons, all with unique abilities and breath weapons

System Requirements
Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP
Processor: PIII 450 MHz
DirectX 9
128 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 700 MB
16-bits Video Card 32MB DirectX 9
16-bits Sound Card

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