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Million KNights Vermilion

Million KNights Vermilion

Genres: Fighting / Arcade
Language: English
Year: 2009
Developer: NRF
Publisher: NRF
File Size: 422 Mb
File format: *. bin
Platform: PC

About the game: the near future. Carried out a new breakthrough in the field of space research. Mankind has found a new path to the stars, and led the construction of the huge orbital devices allows travel between the stars. But before it was completed, there has been a disaster. Valhalla city located in the sea, has become the epicenter of the global shift of the earth’s surface. Earthquakes devastated the planet, sending countless cities in the ocean.

At the same time, all living beings are confronted with a strange phenomenon, a virus known as Rage. The bodies were infected with supernatural abilities. Their aggression became uncontrollable, and people often were insane. Surviving the city fell into anarchy and chaos.
Only one organization was able to capture the leadership of universal confusion, and they were known as Vermillion. This organization is headed by a man, miraculously returned from Valhalla. He has only two goals: to destroy Arexis, leader of the army Channelers and save his sister.

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