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World of Subways 2 U7 Berlin

World of Subways Vol.2: U-7 Berlin [ENG/2009]

Volume 2: "U7 - Berlin" is the next release continuing the successful p
roduct series " World of Subways" introducing famous subway lines around
the world to all subway enthusiasts. After Vol. 1, Vol. 2 contains the
route U7 of Berlin's subway. It takes you from Spandau to Rudow and is
therefore the longest of all Berlin's subway routes

Note: World of Subways Vol. 2 is a simulator in its own right and not an
add-on for existing train simulators

Route map:
* With a coverage of 31.8 km (19,8 miles) and 40 stations the U7 is not
only the longest of all Berlin subway lines but also the line with the
most stations and the longest journey time. Built from 1924 to 1984 this
large profile line runs completely underground, through a total of 5
districts of the German capital and even goes underneath the rivers
Spree and Havel as well as the Teltow and the Westhafen canal

Feature list:

* Animated display monitors at stations
* Realistic shift service to schedule
* Intelligent and custom announcements
* Passenger volume depended on time if day
* Simulation of wear and tear caused by style of operation (can be selected
via options)
* Extensive scoring system, adding to the excitement and fun
* Custom setting of destination display during operations
* Customizable light settings on train (position lights, cab lighting, etc)
* Opening doors to be seen from either inside or outside, controlled by the
* Doors can be opened separately. Options are the doors on the right and
left side of the train. Of course you can also open both sides at the same
* Train vibration as soon as the train starts moving, vibrations will take
effect on the train
* Train swings The train will start swinging the higher the speed. You will
especially get this kind of feel in the cab. Hard braking will also produce
this effect and the train will still be in a swinging motion when it has
come to a full stop
* Intelligent AI traffic operating to real schedules. Display on destination
signs and announcements are controlled automatically
* Configurable key commands The player can freely configure keys to his
liking. He can for instance configure the key for the brake lever wherever
he wants
* 3D Cockpit with rotatable camera allowing the player to look around. By
using a key stroke the view angle will be centered again
* Free movement inside the train While the train is stationary at a station
you will have the option to switch to an ego perspective inside the
passenger car. You can move by using keyboard commands, view angles can be
controlled with the mouse
* Free movement on the station you can get off the train at any station and
move around (ego perspective). There will also be some missions starting on
the platform of a station. The player will have to walk into to the train
into the cab which is seperated from the passenger area by a door
* Free movement in the tunnels and on the track
* Changing of cabs sometimes you will have to change the cabs during a
mission. The train driver has to leave the cab, the train and then walk along
the platform to the other end. He then gets into the train and cab again to
prepare for departure
* A brand new mission module with new mission
* Flashlight for virtual walk in the tunnel
* Compatible with Rail driver Cab Controller

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