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Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven

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382 MBAn ancient enemy of an ancient people has arrived in the land of Enroth and destroyed your hometown, and you have been rescued by some great mage to prepare you for the coming conflicts between good and evil, while at the same time the Ironfist dynasty ruling over the land is collapsing...

The game takes place in the world of Enroth.Good King Roland was apparently victorious in his battles with evil old Archibald, only to have his united lands fall prey to the ravages of an invasion of devils. When the King disappears after encountering the devilish horde, the ineffectual child prince Nicolai assumes control of the Kingdom. Your humble party of four adventurers has the onerous task of gaining the gratitude of the Kingdom's regional leaders, parlaying with a cryptic, omniscient Oracle in order to unravel the mystery behind Roland's disappearance and, along the way, carving a destructive path through a hellish legion of enemies. Welcome to the medieval jungle.

This is a traditional RPG, where you will be hunting quests all over the lands of Enroth, helping the good people while trying to defeat an evil cult and something more sinister behind.
The storyline and gameplay are extremely addictive.There are plenty of puzzles and quests.

Might and Magic VI has both an automatic note taker and an automap function.
Although the game is huge, taking well over 100 hours to complete,
each of the towns and dungeons was individually designed.

(Click Right Mouse Button in "MM6.exe", Properties, Compatibility)


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