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Huxley The Dystopia is a MMO FPS that is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humans have
mutated and were separated into two combative races, Sapiens and Alternative. In the middle of the battle for survival is Lunarites, a hopeful energy source that Sapiens and Alternative factions seek to control. Fighting for the right to survive, each race is willing to go to endless lengths to destory the opposing race and take control of the world and its valuable resources. Huxley is free to download and free to play for players of all types

Huxley: The Dystopia is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter and this is the biggest communities supporting the game, We are here to offer everything related to Huxley including Patches, News, Guides, Resources, info, Reviews, Movies and so much more, Please get involved on our forums and meet our very friendly community,
Hey you never know you may just meet people in game through our forum.
As some may know already, We are a fast growing community and would like to hear from anyone with any questions or suggestions to help make the community better and more useful to you.
We hope you enjoy your time at and never hesitate to ask anything.

Download Code :

click on the cd1 and cd 2

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