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18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker - Download

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18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker
Overall, the game is great. It features a map inspired by the ice roads of Season Two of Ice Road Truckers (the Tuktoyaktuk road), the infamous "Road of Death" of South America, and the Aussie Outback. All three maps have unique loads and trucks for the areas (Outback has road trains of 4+ trailers, Yungas has short canvas-covered trucks, and the ice roads have massive loads such as mining equipment, supplies, and everything in between.
However, you cannot own your own truck in this game (as you could in previous releases in the 18 Wheels of Steel series), nor is there a career mode where you earn money and pay for fuel, repairs, and newer trucks/upgrades. What you do have is a point-based mission system, where each map unlocks after you earn enough points. You start in the Ice Roads, then work your way to the Outback, then to the Yungas road. Unlocking all three maps takes around 4 hours total, and that's just going until you have them unlocked. Replaying each map, you could spend weeks until you attain the highest level in all three maps.
The other drawbacks are a lack of a police-type system (speeding tickets, wreckless driving), lack of realism (fatigue). And perhaps the most glaring issue; although the cover depicts a truck falling through the ice, I have yet to experience it in-game. I am sure it's there, but I haven't managed to yet. 

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