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Alien Vs Predator Gold Edition

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Alien Vs Predator Gold Edition
Aliens vs. Predator is unlike any 3D shooter that has come before; a brooding, bloody, and dark combat arena where paranoia rules the day and an itchy trigger finger can find you mowing down more friends than enemies.Aliens vs. Predator is a unique first-person shooter that allows you to choose from one of three classes: Marine, Alien, or Predator. Each of these classes plays differently, feels differently, and each sports its own complement of weaponry. Encompassing both single-player missions and multiplayer mayhem, there is something for everyone in Aliens vs. Predator, and this guide will show you how to get the most out of every experience. Here you’ll find strategies for becoming number one in multiplayer battles and to work as a team, whichever character you’re playing.
Each of the three campaigns that comprise the single-player experience is documented in a detailed walk-through that is guaranteed to get you through every Director’s Cut mission to the end of the game. Additionally, you’ll read advanced tactics for each of the selectable classes as well as in-depth advice on the best use of each of the varied and powerful weapons at your disposal. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing walls with the Alien like a professional, sitting in dark corners and sniping unsuspecting Marines as the
This Gold Edition gives you more than 30 levels, including 5 bonus levels for each race. There are 16 multiplayer maps in this version, Millennium Add-on Pack, and Sliens Versus Predator: Prima’s Official Strategy Guide.
This is the full version of AVP Gold 2 Disc ED.
Since the game is made for Windows 95/98 I included the crack needed to play it on XP-Win7. You unzip MyAVP.exe to the installation DIR and then run from that file.
This is a .7z file and is compressed to save 400isg MBs off the download. Uncompressed it’s ~1.2Gigs.
Enjoy, look for AVP 3 on 2/16/2010! Xbox360/PS3/PC

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