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Free pc download games , download games for free, free games download, free downloadable games After losing everyone he ever loved, Harvey is driven to revenge... but will his hatred cause him to become no different than the ones he is trying to stop? Dawn's Light features tons of enthralling puzzles, unique dungeon designs, an epic storyline and an intuitive journal system. Explore over 25 islands across 5 different continents in this massive quest. Dawn’s Light was designed around the idea that it should be fun to play instead of being annoying.

Game Features:
• Each dungeon has a unique story (not just ‘bad guy, get him’)
• Many unique puzzles and challenges to break up the fighting
• Tons of sidequests - you always have something to do other than the main quest
• Journal system - you can always see what you’ve done and what you need to do
• Atlas - you won’t get lost

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 8
• 300 MHz
• 256 MB RAM