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Halo Reach Demo

Halo Reach
It is lovely first person shooter game from Microsoft Game Studios that got released on September 14, 2010 all over for Xbox 360 but unfortunately the playable Halo Reach demo version could not be released. If you just want to see the demo then go to youtube and search for the the video of its demonstration at E3 but wait, that is not a playable version of the game. It's just a game showcase that let the few try their hands over the game. Also as I have already told you, Halo Reach PC version would not release ever. For the reasons you can check that blog post itself.
Continuing with our discussion about Halo Reach demo game, do you think Bungie will release the one? Well if you ask me, I will give you a clear-cut answer "No". Let me justify my answer in few points below:

1. There was no pre release demo for Halo Reach which users had waited for eagerly. Bungie did not mention any plans of releasing the one.
2. Moreover, the full version was released on September 14 and there has been more than a month to it now, again clearing the fact that there won't be any demo version for the game.
3. There had been the beta testing. Beta testing in simple terms means no demo version was going to be there. So another point to rule out the coming of Halo Reach demo version.
4. Last and the most important justification. Bungie has never released the demo for any of the Halo games, since its inception into it. So why should it come with a demo for Halo Reach, the latest installment in the franchise.

Halo Reach Demo
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