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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain free download
Heavy Rain free download given below will let you play two levels from the full game only. However this version is fully compatible with Playstation Move, hence the PS Move owners can easily play it on their consoles enjoying all the features of Playstation Move. ESRB has given a M rating to the game as it contains lot of mature content. The full version of the Heavy Rain was released on February 23 and is available for play in single player mode only. There is no multiplayer available for the game. The game has been widely acclaimed all over. The official UK Playstation Magazine gave it 9 out of 10 while GameMaster gave it a hefty scoring of 91%.

As the Heavy Rain free download is available now so you can visit Playstation Network to download Heavy Rain free game. It weighs around 2GB in size so use the very high speed broadband only to download it. To know more about the free version of the game visit here. And remember this is Heavy Rain free game download with limited gameplay, this is not the full version download which is available at some premium only. So don't waist your time for the full version, just go and download Heavy Rain free game for Playsttaion Move now.
Download Heavy Rain Free Game