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InFamous 2

InFamous 2
Just like its predecessor it is a Playstation 3 exclusive game only. There will be no port for either PC or Xbox 360 or any other platform. If you are keen to play this game then you have to buy Playstation 3 of your own or get it from your friend in order to play InFamous 2. PC version would not be possible anyhow. However, last time there was the mini game which users were able to play in their browsers. Hope this version also gets a mini game so that many like me can get a taste of it, atleast.

The game is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Infamous game which was released in 2009. This game is scheduled for release in 2011. It is currently under development by Sucker Punch Productions and would be published by Sony Computer entertainment for Playstation 3 exclusively. Not coming for PC, InFamous 2 will feature support for Playstation Move motion controller.

As there will be no InFamous 2 PC version coming, so there is no need to think about it. If you are extremely excited to play this game then get a Playstation 3 by whatever means. InFamous 2 PC game will never be out. And if there seems to be any chances of the browser based mini game as it was with the previous title,
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