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Sail Simulator 5 Demo

Sail Simulator 5 Free Download
The Sail Simulator 5 demo is out now and therefore is available for download as well. Developer Stentec Software has released the free demo download for the game, which is being published by Iceberg Interactive. Only Sail Simulator 5 demo has been released. The full version is yet to be launched. There is not any specific release date available regarding the full version. This is a simulation based game and is available for PC exclusively.
The free Sail Simulator 5 demo version will let you take part in online sailing races without the need of full version. However there will be some limitations with the free version. Just check out the features available in the demo version below:
* Boat: Stentec Laser
* Area map: Treasure Island
* Languages: English, Dutch, German, French and Italian
* Online multiplayer racing
* Single player sailing
* Adjustable wind & waves

Sail Simulator 5 demo weighs at 185 MB and is available for download at this link.
Sail Simulator 5 Demo