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Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam 3
Though there are very slim details available but still we manage to found some good details about it. Regarding the platforms to release for, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are the console platforms the Serious Sam 3 will release on apart from PC. However it is not yet cleared whether the game will release on other platforms that include Nintendo Wii, DS, iPhone and various other mobile platforms. And regarding the release date, no specific release date has yet been given to download Serious Sam 3. PC version is however expected to release in the begining of the next year and let's see when does it releases for the consoles.

As we told you earlier there are very few details available regarding the Serious Sam 3 PC. More details will appear out soon. To know more about the game you can always subscribe to our RSS feeds by filling your email id in the box provided below. We will then let you know when Serious Sam 3 download for various platforms comes. Not only will we update you to download Serious Sam 3 PC but also will provide other information right in your inbox without your need to visit the site again. For example, we willl tell you if Croteam will be releasing any Serious Sam 3 demo version or not. So please subscribe to our RSS feeds know to download Serious Same 2 PC version and demo version once available.

Serious Sam 3 free download
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