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Half Life Download Free

Half Life Free PC Games Download Free pc Half Life download, free download full version, You can play Half Life in either single player version or in multiplayer version. As a first person shooter, this game requires you to solve puzzles and combat with enemies. You take the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a MIT graduate. The plot for the Half Life is set in the Black Mesa Research Facility in the deserted area of New Mexico resembling Area 51. Dr. Freeman is a victim of wrong experiment that has ruined the facility.
And soon when tries to come out of the facility discovers that he is caught between the two: aliens and HECU. Hazardous Environment Combat Unit is a US Marine Corps SF who is on their mission to eliminate the aliens. Dr. Freeman at last manages to come out of the facility with the help from his fellow scientists and researchers who send him to alien colony to kill Nihilanth. This is all Half Life story is about which is said to be highly inspired from games like Doom, Quake and Resident Evil.

Unlike other first person shooters, whose story is portrayed through cut scenes at the beginning, Half Life used the scripted sequences to keep player in control of their first person perspective. Even though you play as a Gordon freeman, but you can never see him. You play Half Life through his eyes only and you will never hear anything from him. Half Life progresses in the form of chapters rather than in the form of levels. Each chapter includes different puzzles that you need to solve before moving ahead. Solving some puzzles involve the environment to kill enemies. There are some non player characters in the Half Life that assists the player in coming out of the facility. Actually these non-playable characters are scientists and security guards who are facing the same stiff situation and are trying to come out of the facility. The game features varied range of weapons including pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, revolvers etc.

Half Life is the most successful game ever. It has received over 51 Game of the Year awards which is a record in itself. It is one of the world’s most played game ever with more than 16 million copies sold worldwide. Several games like counter strike, team fortress etc had been built with inspiration from this game. There are numerous thirty party half life mods released. Two expansion packs: Opposing force and blue Shift were also released for the game. free download full version, Free pc games download full version.