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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Free PC Games Download Free pc Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault download, free download full version, The story of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is based on the World War 2. It is yet another World War 2 based video game. Actually the whole games series is based on the events of World War 2. Player takes the role of Thomas Conlin in Pacific Assault. He is shown as a US Marine posted in the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War 2. The prelude for the game is set around the Battle of Tarawa where Conlin is moving on the LVT to take part in it.
He is wounded there by Japanese forces and then from their starts the actual game. Medal of Honor: Pacific assault is a mission based video game consisting of six missions.
Six missions of the game are Boot Camp, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Raid on Makin Atoll, Gaudalcanal Campaign, Flying to the USS Independence and Assault on the Tarawa Atoll. The gameplay of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is realistic played from the first person view. You can experience the game from the eyes of the character. The whole game is too noisy where sounds of fires and bullets are heard throughout the game. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault portrays historical events when US Marine attacked the Japanese fleet during the World War 2. The game begins at Boot Camp but ends with the Battle of Tarawa.
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault multiplayer version is more pragmatic than the single player campaign. There are eight multiplayer maps in the game. The game can be played in any of the three modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Invader. In invader, defending player has to protect objectives from the invader failing so will invaders advances and defending player will fall back to the next objective. In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, player can be categorized in any of the three classes: ammo tech, engineer, infantry and corpsman. However the online multiplayer of the game does not exists now. free download full version, Free pc games download full version.