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Halo PC game- My BloodGulch Mod Free Download

Halo - My BloodGulch Mod Free PC Games Download Free Halo PC game- My BloodGulch Mod download, free download full version, Here is another mod file for Halo PC game- My BloodGulch Mod . Several of the game features have been modified through this mod. By installing this mode on your Halo PC version, you can easily hack the gameplay. Some of the modifications that will be introduced in the game through My BloodGulch mod are:
Automatic suicide if you enter a banshee

Sniper shoots rockets
Rocket launcher shoots sniper bullets
Pistols shoot needles
Banshee secondary weapon is a rocket
Fuel rods drops (shoots) frag grenades
Plasma pistol primary weapon is pistol bullet
Scorpion tank secondary weapon shoots ghost's bolts
Remeber that this a Halo mod for PC version only. You just download My BloodGulch mod, install it on your PC when Halo PC is already installed and have fun of playing the modified Halo game.