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Silent Hill: Nightmare Edition

Silent Hill: Nightmare Edition Free PC Games DownloadSilent Hill
Seven years ago, Harry Mason and his wife found a girl on the road, and took his call Cheryl. Three years later, Harry's wife died. After the loss of the only close friend of Harry Mason's life is his daughter - Cheryl, and follows their love as their own. Writer Harry Mason, at the request of his seven-year-old daughter Cheryl was with her the rest of the resort town of Silent Hill. During this visit, there are strange happenings. On the left side of the road the car in front of Mason police motorcycle in the service.
After some time Harry is lying on the side of a police motorcycle passing recently, the same police nowhere in sight. Suddenly, the road is the figure of a teenager in school uniform and Harry, trying to avoid a collision, suddenly turns the wheel and the car slipped on the roadside. When Harry regains consciousness, he discovers that Cheryl is gone, and is in the midst of evil, gradually covering the town of "Silent Hill" in "the world of nightmarish delusions embodied in a person's life."

Silent Hill 2 - Director 's Cut
The game's protagonist, James Sunderland receives a letter from his wife Mary. It seems surprising, if only ... she died three years ago by an incurable disease. Mary invites James to arrive at a small resort town of Silent Hill, where he once spent their honeymoon. This place has become especially important for them, because that's where they were very happy. Mary reports that it expects a "special place". Attracted by the strange end, James goes to Silent Hill. But something has changed the city: its streets are empty and abandoned, everywhere a dense fog. Strangers and a desperate encounter here travelers.

Silent Hill 3
Life is normal seventeen year old girl, Heather collapses in an instant. As soon as she dined quietly at the mall restaurant, and is now about the darkness in which hordes of monsters on the prowl, and ... the few people who do not know, willing to help What's happening? Why Heather was in this nightmare? .. Have much to learn and much to experience, but the worst will be a number of difficult choices where neither option is not correct.
The third part of the game even more clearly shows the brutal style of the first part, too, among several players, is considered the most successful in terms of gameplay - SH3 really convenient control of the horror film, several possibilities such as lateral movement and block enemy attacks. It is worth noting that only one third of the games main character is a girl, but also that, in the third part of the minimum number of characters, but differ in high regard.

Silent Hill 4: The Room
In the not too pleasant, Henry Townsend found locked in his own apartment. The door is locked steel chains, the windows are closed tightly and do not break under the blows, the walls are strong and are deaf. Henry cries for help that no one listens. The only way out of the house - suddenly appeared on the wall of the terrible toilet hole, behind which is unlikely irrational worlds ...
SH4 has revealed a new approach to Silent Hill, which shows how bad it can feel like a man who realized that the belief that "my home - my castle" totally destroyed. World of alternative style differs chiefly SH4 "coolness" of the interior and a host of new features unusual and shocking. In terms of gameplay SH4 some players considered as a failure - a focus on fighting often the presence of invincible enemies, lack of function blocks and the almost total exclusion of the enemies of the game, did not play in their heads hands. Besides Silent Hill 4 has a fairly large number of minor characters compared to other games of this series.

Silent Hill - Homecoming
Strange dreams, disturbing began to torment Alex Shepard still far from home. When a professional soldier, finally returned to his hometown, Glen Shepard, I realized that the nightmare became reality. In the darkness thick doors, the streets were deserted, and the house itself, Alex became the abode of fear and despair. His younger brother disappeared, setting off in search of her father never returned, and my mother in yourself and leave everyone ...
Silent Hill: Homecoming - this is a worthy continuation of the famous series, each episode of which extends to the nerves and blood freezes better than the first rate psychological thrillers and horror films. In the role of Alex Shepard visit again immersed in a viscous fog town of Silent Hill, where the white veil hiding the generation of the worst nightmares. What happened while Alex was away and his brother, still a teenager, is associated with frequent around the madness? Find the answers to these questions can only be ...