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Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata Free PC Games Download Free PC Viva Pinata download, free download full version, The Game is, in fact, is this: build your garden (put cages, all kinds of little things fine), breeding pinata to lure new ones, keep the old ones. To pupils were happy to fulfill their whims: eat someone to have a house (this is necessary for each Milyaga). However, not all of this we have to do yourself - over time will settle next to the garden helpers. One of them spreads the seeds and watering the flowers (although we will also wield a lot of watering)
, and another builds houses, a third in the store you can buy everything, everything, everything (decorations, sweets, fruits) and sell the same from his garden. Ward and can be exchanged for coins: the pinata more complicated - and more money to give. And oh how they need - to pay most of the assistants to make purchases in stores that make the garden better and attract new pinyatok (a total of about sixty). Even pets need to grow, and at the same time they have sex. Perform lyubovnichkov desire, we pass a simple mini-game, under the burning pinyatki rhythms and masterful dancing joyfully, and brought us a baby "like a stork." And no woo-hoo. free download full version, Free pc games download full version.