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Dynasty Warriors 7

Dynasty Warriors 7 Free PC Games DownloadCharacter and weapon level development or customisation can now be done during battle. Players can also choose to switch their equipped weapons during battle and can obtain new weapons by defeating officers. Characters have a special attack with a weapon indicated with an EX icon. The EX attack uses a sequence of attacks and/or charge attacks, and the result will vary with most characters. Characters also have 2 musou's that they perform using their Ex Weapon which can consist of grapples, midair, charges, quick/heavy strikes or a combo of hits performed in certain ways.
An additional mode known as Conquest Mode (Chronicle Mode for the Japanese version) has been incorporated into the game. Gameplay features include a player-forged path through China in which the player can also choose to play "Other" characters in the kingdom, due to the fact that they have not been given their own story in Story Mode. Conquest Mode will also feature both online and offline co-operative play. This mode also replaces the old Free Mode present in previous titles.