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UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 2011 Games DownloadUFC Undisputed 3 feels better and more accurate than any other mixed martial arts game before it. Great modes like Title Mode, Title Defense, and Ultimate Fights have returned, along with a ton of new features. There are the big features like Pride mode, the addition of Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions, and a streamlined career, but also a host of little things, like "finishing the fight" by attacking your opponent until the ref pulls you off for a TKO, ring entrances, leg TKOs and a variety of new submissions, that give the whole package an extremely polished feel. The unprecedented amount of depth in UFC Undisputed 3 and its newfound accessibility make it a great return to form for the franchise.
Upon booting up the game for the first time, you're prompted to choose between Amateur and Pro grappling controls; the first taste of Undisputed 3's adaptability. The Pro controls function the way grappling worked in the past, with rolls on the right thumbstick required to pull off major and minor transitions. The new Amateur controls however allow you to simply push up or down for minor and major transitions, respectively. This makes these ground transitions a lot easier to pull off for newcomers, and show a move towards accessibility on the part of the developers. You'll also get some tutorial hints that explain how to perform actions in real-time during fights (series vets can turn this off). Considering that the uninviting complexity from the was a chief concern in previous Undisputed games, seeing it addressed is heartening.

UFC 44: Undisputed